The cumulative experience of management team is more than four decades. They have been instrumental in charting out the business strategies which resulted in the growth of the organisation. Their experience and vision has strengthened the company over the years.

Mr. M.H.Farooqui

Chairman and Managing Director

Mr. Farooqui founded Texon Global in 1980 after years of extensive research and teaching experience in the railway telecommunications and signaling. With more than three decades of experience in the technology industry he is widely known figure in Indian Railways as an architect of best implemented railway telecommunication systems. He holds a bachelors degree in Engineering from Aligarh Muslim University. He is actively driving the company and creating successful business units.

Business Unit Team

Under the parent company Texon Global, there are three business units namely Texon Labs, Texon Projects and Texon Networks.

These business units are legally independent operative of Texon Global Pvt. Ltd. Each business unit is created to win and spread its own market presence within the framework of the Texon Global Group. Our organization structure is designed to create a world class experience for our customers along with production efficiency that complies with International Standards.

Independent business units operate with an organizational structure and a well disciplined environment. Each Business units yields services and products of superior standards. Business Unit Teams ensure to capitalize the opportunities arising within and outside the group to maximize the value for the stakeholders and customers.

Texon Global is committed towards its core values in conducting all its business. It is also responsible for coordinating and monitoring the implementation of group strategy. Hierarchy working model is practiced in each of our business unit from planning to implementation of the projects. The organization places its employees based on the merits, skill and performance.

Delivery & Support

They are constantly on their toes to deliver the solution before time. And round the clock they are ready to provide service required to client.

Product Team

They are constantly on their toes for the timely delivery and round the clock providing service/support to the client.

Developer Team

They are smart, talented and creative. They understand the exact need of client and develop solution which is secure & scalable.

Sales Team

They are the most dynamic individual, know the market trend and understand the client needs. According to understanding of client needs they suggest the right product to client.

Executive Team

They strategies business policy and marketing. Also they study the market trend, understand the needs and help in planning developing new product / enhancing the existing product range.